Thursday, September 13, 2012

August 27, 2012 Little Delights

The last couple of weeks, our child care worker, Britney, has brought one of her small charges to church.  The child absolutely loves the music at the beginning of the service.  So much, in fact, that all 22 inches of her stands on wobbly feet and dances in the center aisle right in front of Velma while she is leading singing.  What we see is Velma, who has lived through about three quarters of a century, facing the congregation and a little child who hardly comes up to the top of the arm rest of the pew swaying and dancing together while we sing "Here I Am, Lord" or "Softly and Tenderly Jesus is Calling".

As we talk and reflect on friendliness, I am struck by this miracle.  As long as I have been here, Velma has wanted nothing more than to dance in church.  And now she has a companion.  So, Velma beams all through the hymn sing.  Her energy is up and the hymn sing is better for it.  We all benefit from this.  And then Velma talks with delight about her little partner for days.  That few moments is enough to fill her week with joy.  God enters the building and Velma's spirit is filled by a little bundle of mischief -- an angel is disguise.

It is such a simple thing to join in that an 18 month old child knows how to do it.  That is our parable.  Friendliness is about joining the dance of life that is going on all around us.  For those who have learned to do it, the world is filled with friends.  For those who haven't, ? -- Well????

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