Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Flowers Around My Neck

Harriet and I just went to pick up our daughter who had been in Hawai'i with her grandmother last week.  One of the reasons I was excited for her return was that she would bring plumeria.  In Hawai'i, to be friendly, people, put smelly flowers around your neck.  Aloha, lei over your head, and a kiss on the cheek.  You are loved. Glad you are here.  Welcome.

There are lots of flowers in Hawai'i lying all over the place and that makes sense.  Pine needles and redwood bark isn't quite the same but still smells good.  There is something wildly inviting to this physical gesture of welcome.  And, any time I focus my mind and remember the smell and look of plumeria I remember how much I love and am loved by Hawai'i.

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