Sunday, July 8, 2012

Monday, July 2, 2012

Well Paul and I finally got it done last week. 

Weeks ago we sent out a letter to all the pastors in town inviting them to tea in the afternoon.  We got all prepared, set the date, readied the refreshment (well he did ).  Prayed for the event.  And showed up. . . .   and waited. 

As the time to meet drew close, arrived, and passed, our moods went from watching eagerly, to figuring out what we could do with the extra time, to a pox on all  . . .   well, that’s when Dave showed up.  And we had a lovely time with 50% more people than we had when we started.  Great statistics.  However, the reality of the event was far short of the numbers that we expected. On the other hand, I think the three of us began to fall in love with each other.  That slow process that takes years and years to accomplish started as we got to know one another better.

That is an answer to a lot of this summer.  Friendliness plans happen all over the place, but friendliness really only happens with one person at a time.  Even if there is a crowd, friendliness has to occur one human being to another.  Even if we have the greatest event in the world planned, one by one.  We could gripe about the “poor turn-out” but, in fact, is wasn’t poor at all – it was rich in possibility and rich in the friendships that got started. I really like Dave and I really like Paul.  That is a good start to anything.

So, we take a next step, maybe another person and in seven years and six months we’ll have gotten there. 

That’s not bad work.

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